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Renewal Application & Instructions

Online Renewal

Paper Renewal 


When you first become eligible for the social equity program your eligibility will last for two years. After two years have elapsed you will be required to renew your eligibility to continue your participation in the social equity program.  

After your first renewal, you will be required to renew your eligibility annually. Once eligibility has been determined at renewal, the applicable fee reductions will be applied to future adult-use fees (e.g., application fee, initial licensure fees, and license renewal fees). 
For applicants already eligible for the social equity program who want to add additional fee reductions, completion of an amendment form is required. The amendment review is much like the application review in that the supporting documentation is evaluated to determine the additional fee reductions for an eligible participant. Instructions to complete the social equity amendment form can be found here.

Renewal Process Steps:

  1. Social Equity Participants will be sent a reminder to inform them of the need to renew their status with the social equity program beginning 90, 60, and 30 days before expiration. Failure to renew may affect entity’s eligibility for fee reductions for any subsequent fees invoiced by the Cannabis Regulatory Agency. 
  2. Once social equity renewal application has been completed, eligibility will be determined.