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  • Insurance Licensee Continuing Education FAQ

    Updated 12/07/18

What are the CE requirements in the State of Michigan?

Resident producers and solicitors must earn 24 credits of State-approved education credit every two years. Of the 24 credits, a minimum of 3 credits must be in "ethics" coursework. The "other" 21 credits may be in accident & health, life, property, casualty, etc. If a licensee completes more than 3 credits in ethics, the additional credits beyond the 3 required ethics credits will count toward the "general" 21 credits needed.

Are there any exceptions to the CE requirements?

Yes. There are some exceptions: (1) Limited Life, (2) Turkey, Crop and Hail, (3) Travel, Accident and Baggage, (4) Title, (5) Credit Products and (6) Limited Lines Property and Casualty. These license types / lines of authority do not require completion of CE credits.

Does the State grant waivers from CE requirements?

Yes, in cases of severe hardship, our office may consider granting a waiver from CE requirements. “Severe hardship" has been defined as

  1. The licensee has a terminal illness - the disability must impact the licensee’s ability to function as a producer
  2. Illness of self or spouse that required an inordinate amount of time for care by the licensee, or
  3. Military duty - active duty or deployment

To apply for a continuing education waiver or extension, a licensee must submit a letter of request PRIOR to the expiration date of their license. The letter should be sent to our office via mail or fax:

DIFS Insurance Licensing Section
Continuing Education Waiver Request
PO Box 30220
Lansing, MI 48909

Fax: 517-284-8836

The request must include the following information:

  • Current doctor's statement supporting the disability/illness or copies of the deployment orders.

  • Description, in producer’s own words, of the situation that has prevented licensee from completing CE requirements.

  • Explanation of what functions the producer performs.

  • Impact the disability/illness has had on ability to function as an active producer.

  • Reason producer believes the disability/illness prevented them from attending classroom courses or completing on-line/self-study courses.

  • Specific length of time for which the waiver or extension is being requested.

Does the State grant extensions to complete CE requirements?

Yes. Please review the information in the answer to the previous question regarding waivers of CE requirements.

How will I know when my 24 CE credits are due?

Your CE review date is determined by the month and year of your birth. Your first CE review date must allow you at least 12 months to complete 24 CE credits after your license is first approved. For example:

Date Examples
Date License Approved Date of Birth 1st CE Review Date
9/6/2017 9/10/1971 9/1/2019
6/22/2017 6/14/1988 6/1/2020
1/13/2018 3/16/1984 3/1/2020
5/9/2018 6/23/1969 6/1/2019
3/24/2019 12/15/1987 12/1/2021
7/16/2019 1/26/1990 1/1/2022


In the last example, the first CE review date is not January 1, 2020 because the new licensee would have less than 12 months to complete CE credits. Therefore, the first review date is January 1, 2022.

Successive Review Dates are every two years thereafter.

Your first CE review date is printed on your license document in the lower left-hand corner. Check the online Insurance Agent Locator to verify your review date.

I just passed the State licensing exam. How soon can I earn CE credits?

Before you can earn CE credits, the effective date of your license must be determined. As soon as you receive your license, you may begin to sign up for CE classes using your 7-digit System ID (License) number.

How does a nonresident producer meet the CE requirements in Michigan?

Michigan is reciprocal with all other states. By meeting your home state CE requirements, you will automatically comply with Michigan's requirements. You are not required to submit proof of CE compliance to our office.

Will changing my name or social security number change my review period dates?

No. The CE review date (month, day, year) is established when you are first licensed.

Where can I find a list of approved providers and courses for CE?

The list of Insurance Education - Search for Providers, Courses, Offerings, and Instructors is available on our website.

Does the list include dates and locations of course offerings?

No. Contact the individual providers to determine when the specific course will be held and the registration procedures.

Do I have to attend a classroom course to earn CE credits?

No. Course work has been approved for classroom, web-based, or self-study formats (which include online courses).

To complete a self-study course, does my course exam need to be monitored by a disinterested third party?

Yes. It is the provider's responsibility to assure licensees complete exams without assistance. Providers must use a disinterested third party to certify this action or schedule separate testing sessions at a specified location.

What is the definition of a disinterested third party?

A person who has no financial interest in the success or failure of a licensee maintaining an insurance license. The disinterested third party must also certify the exam was closed-book and no other assistance was used to obtain a passing score on the exam.

How does the State determine whether a course is credited to one CE review period or the next?

The course completion date reported by the provider will determine where the credit hours will apply.

Can credits be carried over from one CE review period to the next?

Yes. After the minimum CE requirements are met of 24 credit hours including 3 Ethics credits, up to 12 additional credit hours may be carried over to the next CE review period. Additional credits, including Ethics coursework, will count as “general” hours. Further information is available on the DIFS web page Insurance Licensee Continuing Education (CE) Carryover FAQ.

Can I take a course twice during the same CE review period and earn CE credit?

No. Duplicate completions will not be counted and will appear on your record with zero (0) credit. A duplicate course is one with the same course name or one that contains the same course material as a course already completed.

Does the State accept partial credits for partially completing a course?


How does the State know what credits I have earned?

CE providers (schools) are required to:

  • Report CE credits for you after successful completion of coursework

  • Submit credits electronically to DIFS within 30 days of course completion

  • Pay the $1.00 per credit hour reporting fee when submitting credits to DIFS

You are responsible for:

  • Providing your 7-digit System ID (License) number during registration

  • Successfully completing the coursework

  • Requesting CE credit and paying the $1.00 per credit hour reporting fee at the time of registration or when the course is completed

You are NOT in compliance until all necessary credit hours are posted. Failure to supply correct license information to the CE provider may result in you not receiving credit.

NOTE: Many national designation program providers do not report your hours automatically. Many require a nominal fee to report the hours on your behalf. Check the provider's reporting procedure at the time of registration. It is your responsibility to determine how the provider will collect this fee, report the hours and pay the $1.00 per credit fee.

Does every credit submitted immediately show up in the State's computer system?

Yes. The updated records will be available on the DIFS website using the Insurance Agent Locator.

Will I receive any documentation upon completion of a course?

Yes. Providers are required to issue a Certificate of Completion within 30 days of completing a course. This Certificate of Completion is for your own records. You should not send fees or CE certificates to our office.

How can I find out what credits are on file for my license?

CE credits can be verified using the online Insurance Agent Locator.

How do I resolve discrepancies between the record of credits earned and my records?

You must resolve discrepancies directly with the CE provider regarding the course in question. After you have unsuccessfully attempted to resolve these discrepancies with the provider, contact our office. Have your certificate of completion from the provider before you contact our office.

What will happen to my license if I do not complete all 24 credit hours by my CE review date?

Your license will be suspended for a period of 90 days or until your 24-hour requirement is met. During suspension, the law allows you to service your existing book of business, BUT you may NOT transact any new insurance business. All carriers for which you are appointed will be notified that you are suspended and that they may NOT accept any new business from you as of the date they are notified. Note: The Insurance Agent Locator will display Suspended for Education if the license is suspended.

What happens to any business that I have written before I was notified I was suspended?

Your suspension will be effective as of the first day of the month of your CE review date. You will receive notification by email or US mail of your license suspension. The State mails notification to Companies that have appointed you, but we allow a grace period before these are mailed. The Companies are then instructed to accept any business you submit up until the date they are notified. This allows adequate time to clear up any errors on your CE credit posting, as well as getting any business you produced to the Company before the notice of suspension arrives.

What happens if I do not complete my required 24 credit hours before the 90 days are over?

Your license qualifications will be terminated for education; all appointments as well as your license status will be inactive.  All Companies with which you are appointed will be notified of your termination/inactivation.  To be considered for reinstatement of your license, within one (1) year of your CE review date, you must:

  • Complete and have 24 hours of CE credits reported to DIFS
  • Submit an application for licensure via the NIPR website
  • Pay the appropriate fees for licensure
The Companies I am appointed with received notification of my license suspension and/or termination. Why didn't I receive this information?

You must maintain current email and mailing addresses with our office. Information about maintaining and updating your addresses is available on the DIFS Address Changes web page.

If your email and/or mailing addresses are not current in our database, we are unable to provide you with notification of your license status. It is your responsibility to update this information in a timely manner. Failure to maintain a current email or mailing address with our office will result in fines and/or action against your license per Section 1238 of the Michigan Insurance Code, MCL 500.1238.

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