• A counselor’s license will allow a person to counsel in one or more of the following areas with the proper qualifications: life (LI) insurance, accident and health (AH) insurance and/or property and casualty (P&C) insurance. Persons admitted to the practice of law in Michigan may counsel insurance without obtaining a license, but cannot represent themselves as licensed counselors by the State of Michigan.

    Only persons licensed as Counselors may:

    • Audit or abstract insurance policies or annuities.
    • Provide advice, counsel, or opinion with respect to benefits promised, coverage afforded, terms, value, effect, advantages, or disadvantages of a policy of insurance or annuity.
    • Advertise, solicit business, hold themselves out to the public as an insurance counselor, or use such terms as "consultant", "consulting services", or any other language that implies licensed Insurance Counselor.