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  • Department of Insurance and Financial Services
    Organizational Details

    Director: Anita G. Fox
      Organizational Chart

    Contact Information

     Hours: Monday - Friday,
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm ET
      Phone: 517-284-8800
      Fax: 517-284-8837
      Email: difs-info@michigan.gov

    General Mailing Address

    PO Box 30220
    Lansing  MI  48909-7720

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    530 W. Allegan Street, 7th Floor
    Lansing, MI 48933


Office of Banking

  • Office of Banking

    Responsible for all aspects of the supervision, regulation and examination of state-chartered banks, savings banks, trust-only banks, and trust departments, including processing related corporate applications and requests. The office is also responsible for examining business and industrial development companies (BIDCOs).

    • Director: Aaron Luetzow

Office of Communications

  • Office of Communications

    Responsible for creating, researching, and advancing the communications efforts on behalf of the Department. The office also oversees contact with the media, external communications including social and digital media, publication management, and education and outreach along with management of internal office communication.

    • Director: Laura Hall

Office of Consumer Finance

  • Office of Consumer Finance

    Responsible for the licensing, regulation, and examination of entities and individuals doing business under various Michigan consumer finance statutes, including mortgage brokers, lenders, and servicers, mortgage loan originators, money transmitters, deferred presentment providers, direct loan companies, motor vehicle installment sellers and sales finance companies, and other consumer finance providers.

    • Director: James Westrin

Office of Consumer Services

  • Office of Consumer Services

    Responsible for managing consumer information, inquiries, and complaints. This office is also responsible for overseeing the communication center, which serves as the initial point of contact for all incoming calls and visitors.

    • Director: Renee Campbell

Office of Credit Unions

  • Office of Credit Unions

    Responsible for the regulation, examination and supervision of Michigan state-chartered credit unions and responsible for processing corporate applications filed by state chartered credit unions. Dedicated to maintaining the public confidence in Michigan state-chartered credit unions, and to ensuring Michigan state-chartered credit unions provide safe, sound, and reliable financial services to their members.

    • Director: Denice Schultheiss

Office of Financial and Administrative Services

  • Office of Financial and Administrative Services

    Responsible for the fiscal control and compliance with state and federal financial & administrative guidelines, budget development, projections, revenue collections, employee expense reimbursements, procurement of goods and services as well as many other accounting and purchasing functions. This office is also responsible for IT (system development, network and end-user support, equipment, software, web design, etc.), human resource liaison services, telecommunications (phones and smart devices), internal controls, facilities, and other administrative functions.

    • Director: Penny Wright

Office of General Counsel

  • Office of General Counsel

    Responsible for providing legal advice and representation to the Director and DIFS staff with respect to: enforcement actions, formal administrative hearings, receivership proceedings, orders, drafting enforcement-related rules and bulletins, declaratory rulings, and processing FOIA requests. The general counsel serves as liaison with the Attorney General and other state/federal agencies. This office is also responsible for the prevention of criminal and fraudulent activities in the insurance and financial services markets through the Fraud Investigation Unit.

    • Director: Randall Gregg

Office of Innovation and Research

  • Office of Innovation and Research

    Seeks to expand access to insurance and financial services products by creating synergies between insurance, financial services, Insurtech, Fintech, and other entities looking to bring innovative products to Michigan. Responsibilities include assessing and understanding innovation trends, coordinating and streamlining decision making processes, and linking entities to Department resources capable of providing technical assistance. The office also provides support to the Department's Legislative Director through legislative tracking, research, analyses, committee testimony, and legislative outreach.

    • Director: Chad Arnold

Office of Insurance Evaluation

  • Office of Insurance Evaluation

    Responsible for all aspects of monitoring and regulating the financial condition of risk bearing insurance entities including: the processing of applications for licensure filed by insurance companies; on-site financial examinations of domestic insurance companies; ongoing financial monitoring of licensed insurance companies and working with insurance companies reporting negative trends to take appropriate corrective measures. The office is also responsible for the licensing, monitoring and examination of captive insurers.

    • Director: Judith Weaver
    • Hours: Monday - Friday,
      8:00 am - 5:00 pm ET
    • Email: MouaK@michigan.gov
    • Phone: 517-284-8762

Office of Insurance Licensing and Market Regulation

  • Office of Insurance Licensing and Market Regulation

    Responsible for licensing individual and agency insurance producers (agents), solicitors, counselors, adjusters, foreign risk retention groups, premium finance companies, purchasing groups, reinsurance intermediaries, and third party administrators. The office is also responsible for market regulation examinations of insurers, investigations and audits of insurance agents/entities, and monitoring of all surplus lines tax filings and payments.

    • Director: Michele Riddering

Office of Insurance Rates and Forms

  • Office of Insurance Rates and Forms

    Responsible for enforcing Michigan insurance statutes and regulations pertaining to rates and forms submitted by insurance companies and other licensed entities. The office is also responsible for reviewing all filings relative to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA).

    • Director: Karen Dennis

Office of Research, Rules and Appeals

  • Office of Research, Rules and Appeals

    Responsible for providing legal research to the Director and DIFS staff, including legislative research and analysis. The office is also responsible for promulgating administrative rules, processing appeals under the Patient's Right to Independent Review Act, handling complaints under the Clean Claims Act, drafting bulletins and other formal and informal guidance, and for other special projects.

    • Director: Sarah Wohlford