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Metrc is Michigan’s statewide seed-to-sale marijuana tracking system that uses serialized tags attached to every plant — and labels attached to wholesale packages — to track marijuana inventory. Each tag is attached to a plant to facilitate tracking through different stages of growth, as well as the drying and curing processes, and eventual retail sale.

METRC Adult-Use Information
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METRC Medical Information
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METRC Next Steps - Medical

#18: Vape Cartridge Repackaging and Additional Testing
#17: Vape Cartridge Category
#16: Facility Errors and Inaccuracies in Reporting
#15: External Transfers Updated
#14: Transfer Manifest & Package Updates PDF icon
#13: Finalizing Sales Receipts PDF icon
#12: Remediation Guidance PDF icon
#11: Advanced Training PDF icon
#10: Temporary Patient Cards, Package Notes, Sales Receipts, Item Information PDF icon
#9: R&D Testing, Changing Rooms & Editing Plant Names PDF icon
#8: Metrc Support, Plant and Package Tag Updates PDF icon
#7: New Temporary Patient Registry Card & Creating Packages Updates PDF icon
#6: New Features: Editing Strains and Items, Plant Groups, Source Packages PDF icon
#5: Patient Sales Delivery PDF icon
#4: Industry In-Person Training Sessions and Advanced Webinar Training Update PDF icon
#3: New Features: Lab Testing, Transfers, Waste; Editing Strains & Items (see #6), Ordering Tags PDF icon
#2: Creating Items & Purchasing Limits PDF icon
#1: Package Templates (obsolete, see #7) PDF icon

Frequently asked questions

Can I Sell or Transfer Unused tags to another facility?
Am I responsible for any of the costs associated with ordering tags?
How are the tags produced for seed-to-sale tracking?
How much will it cost for the system?
How do I get started in Metrc?
How do i get training or a demo of Metrc?
What POS systems will be available with Metrc?

Will I have to use Metrc and a POS system?
Will there be an API integration with Metrc?
How does the system work?
Do I need to purchase any additional hardware such as computers, bar-code readers or RFID readers?
Will other licensees be able to see my inventory information?
What if I have technical issues after the system has deployed?
Are RFID readers required?

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