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High School Counselor MiSSG Portal

For high school counselors and college advisers from AdviseMI, Michigan State University College Advising Corp (MSUCAC) or the Michigan College Advising Corp (MCAC) to have access to MiSSG, a Data Use Agreement (DUA) must be signed by the high school principal who authorizes the users in the Data Receiver Designee Employee Access Roster (Section 3) of the DUA. Only those college advisers identified as having met the requirements outlined by SSGO and verified by SSGO will have access to the MiSSG system. SSGO reserves the right to revoke or suspend access to MiSSG at any time.

A username and temporary password will be assigned by SSGO and emailed to the Data Receiver Designee(s). If your high school is supported by a community/local college access group (other than AdviseMI, MSUCAC, MCAC), please complete the Secondary Partner Roster (Section 4) of the DUA.

Already have your school DUA on file and have your own account? Log in to the MiSSG system.  

2023-24 Data Use Agreement

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