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High School Counselor MiSSG Portal

In MiSSG, authorized users can view student records including:

  • FAFSA completion data
  • TIP eligibility rosters
  • Student look-ups
  • Michigan Achievement Scholarship qualifier lists

The Academic Year 2024-25 DUA has been revised with separate sections and includes definitions for each section (see the DUA for more details). In summary:

  • Section 3: Employees of your high school or ISD/RESA/ESA
  • Section 4: Only employees of AdviseMI, Michigan College Advising Corp (MCAC), or Michigan State University College Advising Corp (MSUCAC)
  • Section 5: Secondary Partners (community organization/foundation, local college access networks, etc.)

As a reminder, all Data Use Agreements must be:

  • Completed electronically and annually (please type because handwritten information will cause processing delays)
  • Submitted via email to by authorizing principal/superintendent

NOTE: The Data Use Agreement can be submitted throughout the academic year.

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2023-24 Data Use Agreement

2024-25 Data Use Agreement

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MiSSG Login Troubleshooting

2023-24 Senior Letter



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