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Get a digital copy of MI Student Aid Publications for Academic Year 2023-2024. These can be downloaded and printed to share with students and families.

side one of TIP flyer

Tuition Incentive Program

Two-sided flyer with Tuition Incentive Program (TIP) eligibility criteria and application information.

برنامج الحوافز الدراسية

Michigan Achievement Scholarship Flyer

Michigan Achievement Scholarship

Help us spread the word about the Michigan Achievement Scholarship. 

PostSecondary Poster

Michigan Postsecondary Options Poster

Large poster that displays Michigan's Postsecondary options on a map.
MiSSG Card

MI Student Aid MISSG Informational Card

This card provides information on accessing the Student Portal, MiSSG.  Additionally, MI Student Aid contact information is listed directing customers to our website.
MI Student Aid will no longer be fulfilling bulk publication requests. Our publications can be downloaded and printed for students and families.