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  • The standard amount in the Fall semester will remain half of the annual Minimum and Last-Dollar Awards (or one-third for institutions with terms). The standard amount in subsequent semesters/terms will adjust based on the total remaining amount for each student.

    If a student did not utilize or fully exhaust their Fall award, they can use up to the total remaining annual award in the subsequent semester/term; if funds remain, they can also be used in a remaining subsequent term/semester within the academic year, including Summer.

    Following Fall certification, the subsequent semester/term will update to include any remaining Fall funds, which then becomes the new “standard” amount for a student and therefore, a reduced reason must be used if you will not certify the full new amount.
  • If the PJ results in a new EFC, institutions should make updates to the student’s record in MiSSG using the following instructions.

    1. Log into MiSSG and select the student’s Michigan Achievement Scholarship profile.
    2. Select “Update Application Information”.
    3. Update their EFC and select the EFC update reason as “Professional Judgement”.
    4. Select “Save”.
    5. Enter a comment for the student you’ve made changes to.

      This process will also update their eligibility status, so long as there are no other ineligible reasons preventing a student from being eligible.

  • Self-reported completion status is not accepted for Michigan Achievement Scholarship. High school graduation completion information may be confirmed in the ‘Student Information’ section of MiSSG. If the ‘HS Grad Confirmed by CEPI’ indicates “Yes,” this can be used as documentation for a program review. If the status is “No” or blank, the institution must provide proof of high school completion.
  • Yes, if the student leaves this date blank resulting in a student to be flagged as “Student Not MI Resident,” institutions must verify their residency and either clear their ineligible reason or perform a ‘Residency Override’ if the student qualifies.
  • The 15-month requirement is based on the MiSSG system start date for the semester in question. The award rules have a semester start date, for Fall 2023 it is 8/23/2023. As of 8/23/23 the student must be within their 15-month window in order for MiSSG to determine them eligible for the year.

    If a student is otherwise eligible but has other awards that cause the student to not have room for Michigan Achievement Scholarship to be administered, they should be certified as "No", "Full Time", with the reason "Exceeds COA" for tracking purposes for the 15 month activation period. 

  • Yes, the Michigan Achievement Scholarship Minimum Award and Michigan Achievement Scholarship Last-dollar Award will be tracked separately in MiSSG.
  • To be eligible for Michigan Achievement Scholarship, the FAFSA must be completed and verified if required. Subsequent Institutional Student Information Records (ISIR) will be loaded into MiSSG. Students possessing a Certificate of Completion must have a submitted FAFSA with a calculated Expected Family Contribution and all other verification excluding high school completion must be complete and verified.

  • If proof of high school completion cannot be provided through Center for Educational Performance and Information (CEPI) in MiSSG, then the institutions will need to verify high school completion with a copy of a diploma, certificate of completion, or its equivalency and update the status in MiSSG.
  • Updates have been made to the Information Roster, School Totals Report, and Certification Roster. These reports now include additional fields such as eligibility, student high school graduation month and year, total years remaining for program eligibility, payment status as well as breakdowns in award amounts for each semester/term.

    The Information Roster now includes an enhancement to download eligible, ineligible, or both. The classic eligible students report does not include additional fields. Institutions seeking additional data fields should utilize the Information Roster.

  • Yes, MiSSG will track the 15-month timeframe for enrollment.