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  • Yes, the Michigan Achievement Scholarship Minimum Award and Michigan Achievement Scholarship Last-dollar Award will be tracked separately in MiSSG.
  • To be eligible for Michigan Achievement Scholarship, the FAFSA must be completed and verified if required. Subsequent Institutional Student Information Records (ISIR) will be loaded into MiSSG.
  • If proof of high school completion cannot be provided through Center for Educational Performance and Information (CEPI) in MiSSG, then the institutions will need to verify high school completion with a copy of a diploma, certificate of completion, or its equivalency and update the status in MiSSG.
  • Yes, the student can be awarded after verification is completed during the same academic year.
  • Currently, there is an Activity Report available in MiSSG indicating a list of students who meet the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) criteria. Additional functions and reports will become available in the future.
  • Yes, MiSSG will track the 15-month timeframe for enrollment.