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Payment of Scholarship

  • Census date is not a factor for State financial aid programs. Institutions should monitor and award students based on their actual enrollment levels. If a student adds or drops courses resulting in an enrollment change, aid should be adjusted accordingly.

    For withdrawals where charges were incurred, please see page 65 of the 2023-24 State Programs Procedures Manual.

  • Yes, if a student dropped a course prior to the add/drop date, and incurred no charges, resulting in less than full-time status, Michigan Achievement Scholarship would need to be removed.
  • The Michigan Achievement Scholarship Public Act 103 of 2023 does not restrict what classes a student can enroll in. Students are limited to receiving the Michigan Achievement Scholarship for 5 years total.
  • Fall is limited to half of the annual amount, regardless of whether a student will be attending additional semesters during the academic year. Any subsequent semesters/terms can include up to the total remaining annual funds if eligible.
  • If a student is selected for verification after they are certified for Michigan Achievement Scholarship, the student may retain the amount of Achievement awarded. Subsequent awards and adjustments may only be made after the completion of the verification.

      • Example: A student was certified for Fall semester and was selected for verification in November, after certification was complete. Prior to any Fall adjustments or subsequent semester awards, the student must be brought back into eligible status by completing the verification.
  • Michigan Achievement Scholarship will follow the 2023-24 Program Payment Schedule. Payments will be issued quarterly.