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  • After students complete their FAFSA, they will receive financial aid award offers from the institution's financial aid office(s) that they listed on their FAFSA. The award offer will summarize the aid offered to students and their award amounts.
  • Once a student's FAFSA is received, college financial aid offices calculate eligibility for that student. Factors such as tuition/fees, overall cost of attending, and other aid sources are all taken into consideration in calculating how much a student may receive through Michigan Achievement Scholarship.
  • Each institution has its own timeframe for sending out financial aid award offers to students. Notifications may be provided via mail, email, or institution student portal access.
  • The Michigan Achievement Scholarship Last-Dollar award is restricted to tuition, contact hours and mandatory fees.
  • For eligibility information, monitor your MiSSG Student Portal account.

    Some colleges may also provide prospective students with an estimate of scholarships and grants available to a student contingent upon the student being accepted and enrolled at their college. Typically, students must be accepted at an institution and make a final decision to enroll at that institution to get a final offer of scholarships.