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Community College Guarantee

Community College Guarantee

The Michigan Achievement Scholarship is designed to help students pursue their dreams, goals, and aspirations in the Mitten State! Graduating high school seniors are eligible to earn a skill certificate or degree at their local community college tuition-free just by filling out the new and simplified FAFSA.

Beginning Fall 2024, students from the Class of 2023 and beyond are eligible for the Community College Guarantee, which includes:

  • In-district tuition, contact hours, and mandatory fees.
  • An additional $1,000 bonus living expenses award for students eligible for a Federal Pell Grant.

Eligibility Criteria:

All recent Michigan high school graduates are eligible! Here’s how to claim your award and enroll at a Community College or Tribal College:

  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • Be a Michigan resident since July 1 of the previous calendar year.
    • If you’re a dependent student, your parent(s) must also be a Michigan resident since July 1 of the previous calendar year.
    • We’ll confirm this based on your FAFSA.
  • Graduate from a Michigan high school.
    • You’re eligible if you earn a diploma or certificate of completion.
    • You’re also eligible if you earned a high school equivalency certificate in 2023 or after.
  • Enroll in college. You must be:
    • Enrolled full time. Your college will confirm how many credits are needed to be full time.  
    • Enrolled within 15 months of your high school graduation.
      • Class of 2023 spring graduates: Must enroll by Fall semester 2024.
      • Class of 2024 spring graduates: Must enroll by Fall semester 2025.
      • If you graduated at a different time of year, and are concerned about initiating in time, contact your schools financial aid office.

Reminder: Students choosing the Community College pathway do not need to meet the Student Aid Index criteria previously established for the Michigan Achievement Scholarship – that means there are no income requirements.

Renewal Requirements:

You can renew your scholarship for up to three years—or until you earn an associate degree.

To renew your scholarship, you must:

  • Complete the FAFSA annually
  • Continue to live in Michigan
  • Continue to enroll in college full time.
  • Continue to earn credits and meet your college’s Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy.

You’re also eligible to transfer to a four-year college or university. If you’re earning a bachelor’s degree, you can renew your scholarship for up to five consecutive years (up to three years at a community college or until you earn an associate degree, whichever comes first).

Note: Students are not eligible for the Michigan Achievement Scholarship if they’re in default on a federal student loan. 

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