MPSC Statewide Energy Assessment (SEA)

Michigan experienced historically extreme cold weather from January 29, 2019 to February 1, 2019 due to a polar vortex. During this time, Consumers Energy asked natural gas customers to reduce usage and lower thermostats after a fire at its largest natural gas storage facility. In addition, both Consumers Energy and DTE Electric were called upon to ask their electric customers to curtail electricity usage to respond to regional constraints in electricity production across the Midwest. These events prompted the Governor to send a letter requesting the Michigan Public Service Commission to undertake a statewide review of the supply, engineering, and deliverability of natural gas, electricity, and propane systems, as well as contingency planning related to those systems.

On February 7, 2019, the MPSC issued an order in case number U-20464 to implement the Governor’s request. The initial report will be filed in the docket on July 1, 2019. Thereafter, and following examination of that initial report, the Commission will issue a final report by September 13, 2019. Interested parties will be given an opportunity to comment before the final report is issued.

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SEA Workgroup Work plans: Electric, Natural GasPropaneCyber & Physical SecurityEmergency Preparedness

​Sector Questions: Electric, Natural Gas, Propane, Emergency Management 


Initial SEA report


July 2, 2019:

MPSC Staff presentation 

MPSC Press release 

July 1, 2019: SEA fact sheet 
Feb 7, 2019: MPSC issued an order in case number U-20464 to implement the Governor’s request
Feb 4, 2019: The Governor’s Letter requesting MPSC conduct an Energy Assessment.


Sep 13, 2019: Final SEA report due
Aug 9, 2019: Public comment deadline for the initial SEA
Mar - April, 2019: SEA workgroups: Meeting and data gathering
Mar 25, 2019 Target date for sector question responses
Mar 5, 2019: Staff issues final outline for Energy Assessment report
Feb 19, 2019:

Comments on draft outline to Lynn Beck. Note: comments should be limited to the task at hand; should identify any essential information that the draft outline fails to include or contemplate, or areas that warrant clarification.

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Feb 12, 2019: Commission seeks comments on draft outline