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Regulatory Information

Regulatory Information

The MPSC is vested by law with the power and jurisdiction to ensure safe, reliable utility services at reasonable rates. To accomplish this, the MPSC provides numerous functions relating to ratemaking, facility siting & need determination, customer assistance and protection, reliability, public safety, and licensing & fostering competitive markets.


The MPSC’s Electronic Docket Filings System (E-Dockets) provides for the electronic submission of documents and online access of documents submitted in cases before the Commission. Click here for more information.

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Commission Orders

The Commission acts only as a collective body and exercises its authority by issuing decisions through the written order process. The Commission's orders are the official action of the Commission.

Commission Orders

Administrative Rules / Laws

Access the laws, administrative rules, guidelines & decisions that govern the regulation of oil, natural gas, electric, and telecommunications services. Find information regarding consumer standards and billing practices for energy services.

View Rules and Laws

Reports & Forms

The Commission is required to submit reports annually to the Governor or Legislature. Additionally, the MPSC provides certain reporting templates and may issue or publish other reports or studies as necessary. 

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Safe Digging

Safely complete your digging project. Learn more about the MISS DIG Underground Facility Damage Prevention and Safety Act which is intended to prevent damage and disruption to vital underground facilities.

Learn More About Safe Digging

Facility Siting

The MPSC governs the siting of intrastate natural gas pipelines, all crude oil and petroleum pipelines, and certain major electric transmission lines in Michigan.

More About Facility Siting


The MPSC has the statutory authority to regulate rates for all public utilities in Michigan except municipally owned utilities and member-regulated cooperatives.

Learn About Ratemaking

Licensing & Registration

One of the MPSC's responsibilities is to license or register certain electric, natural gas, and telecommunications service providers. 

More About Licensing

Emergency Management

The MPSC is responsible for energy emergency preparedness and response for Michigan and works with electric and gas utilities, petroleum and pipeline companies, and state government to improve resilience to energy disruptions.

More About Emergency Management

Industries We Regulate

Regulatory information for natural gas & pipelines, electricity and telecommunications.