PURPA - Legally Enforceable Obligation

On November 8, 2018, the Commission issued an order directing Commission Staff to initiate a stakeholder process with the purpose of gathering input to assist Commission Staff with developing rules for defining and establishing a legally enforceable obligation (LEO) under the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978.    

The topic of was part of the Commission’s comment proceeding in U-20095.

The rules governing interconnection, distributed generation program and legacy net metering, and PURPA legally enforceable obligation will potentially be combined into a single ruleset.  The planned timeframe to develop new rules is nine months with the formal rulemaking process beginning in September 2019 with a target for new rules to be in place sometime in 2020. 

Commission Staff's draft proposed ruleset.

Stakeholder comments received on September 30, 2019 | ABATE  | Circle Power Letter | Circle Power | Consumers Energy Letter | Consumers Energy | Doug Houseman | DTE Energy Letter | DTE Energy | Ecology Center/ELPC/Vote Solar Letter | Ecology Center/ELPC/Vote Solar | MECA | MEGA | MIEIBC | Next Era | Pine Gate Renewables | Power Home | Xcel

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Task Events

July 18, 2019

Meeting Notice | Agenda

May 29, 2019

Meeting Notice | Agenda | Staff Draft Option 1 | Staff Draft Option 2 | NextEra Redline | NextEra Comments | EIBC Comments | EIBC Option 1 Redline | EIBC Option 2 Redline | Circle Power Comments and Redlines | MEGA Comments | ELPC and Vote Solar Redline | DTE Redline | Consumers Energy Comments and Redline | Cypress Creek Comments | ABATE Comments | Heelstone Comments

March 18, 2019

Meeting Notice | Agenda

January 11, 2019

Meeting Notice | Agenda | MPSC Presentation | Montana LEO | DTE Electric Comments | Consumers Energy Comments | Circle Power Comments | Torch Comments | MEGA Comments | MECA Comments | EIBC Comments | Next Era Energy Comments | ELPC Comments | MI Biomass Comments and Redline | ABATE Comments | Consumers Energy Presentation

Task – Related Documents

Combined Draft Interconnection Distributed Generation and Legally Enforceable Obligation Rules

November 8, 2018 Order Initiating Rulemaking Process

October 5, 2018 U-20095 Order (PURPA-related comment proceeding)

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