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Licensed Electric Suppliers in Cloverland Electric Cooperative's Service Territory

The following alternative electric suppliers are licensed with the Michigan Public Service Commission to participate in Cloverland's program. Customers may use this information to contact suppliers or to verify the identity of suppliers who contact the customer in your area. The suppliers listed are currently enrolling and/or serving customers.

The suppliers on this list have agreed to abide by certain standards that may be seen in Cloverland's rate books. For comparing prices, see PSCR factors. See also Information Links. Some suppliers on this list may not currently be enrolling customers.

Alternative Supplier Name & Address Telephone & Internet Contact Customers Served
R=Residential Class
C&I=Commercial and Industrial Classes

Spartan Renewable Energy, Inc
10125 W. Watergate Road, PO Box 189
Cadillac, MI 49601

Chad Geiger
Fax: 231-775-0172



While suppliers must be licensed by the Michigan Public Service Commission, the Commission does not have any direct rate-setting authority over suppliers. Therefore, customers should consider normal business factors when choosing a supplier, just like they would when choosing any other product or service.