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Distribution System Reliability Rules and Reports

The MPSC’s updated Service Quality and Reliability Standards for Electric Distribution Systems and Technical Standards for Electric Service rulesets were adopted on March 24, 2023, in Case Nos. U-20629 and U-20630. The primary purpose of the Service Quality and Reliability Standards for Electric Distribution Systems update is to improve wire down response times, provide automatic outage credits to qualifying customers, discourage long duration distribution system outages and provide the Commission greater transparency for reviewing the service quality and reliability performance of Michigan’s utilities. Here are details about the revised ruleset.

The Technical Standards for Electric Service ruleset was updated to include new requirements for electric utility and cooperative reporting on outages, additional requirements for utility line clearing programs, updates to electric metering, metering equipment inspections and tests, and requirements for cybersecurity programs.


Utility Electric Reliability Reporting

Utilities file reports about their electric reliability including electric reliability metrics, performance under the MPSC’s Service Quality and Reliability Standards, tree trimming status and distribution plans.

Electric Reliability Metrics and Power Quality Reports:  DTE Electric Case No. U-16065   Consumers Energy Case No. U-16066

Consumers Energy and DTE Electric report electric reliability metrics: system average interruption frequency index (SAIFI), customer average interruption duration index (CAIDI), and system average interruption duration index (SAIDI). The reports also include data on all primary customer power quality investigations and the outcome of each investigation.

Service Quality and Reliability Standards Performance reports Case No. U-12270

Regulated utilities and cooperative utilities report their annual performance under the MPSC’s Service Quality and Reliability Standards.  The reports discuss catastrophic conditions experienced during the year and customer credits provided.

DTE Electric Storm Report Case No. U-20169

DTE reports on the Company’s downed wires process and performance, distribution maintenance backlog, and pilot findings to address accessibility and reliability issues related to rear-lot overhead construction.

Annual Tree Trim Reports:  DTE Electric Case No. U-20162  Consumers Energy Case No. U-20697

DTE Electric is working toward a 5-year effective tree trimming cycle for its distribution voltage lines and a 3-year cycle for its subtransmission lines. Consumers Energy is planning to achieve a 7-year cycle for its low voltage distribution lines and a 4-year cycle for its high voltage distribution lines.

Distribution Investment and Maintenance Plans, available in Case No. U-20147.

Reports have been filed by Consumers Energy, DTE Electric, and Indiana Michigan. These reports include an overview of the utility’s distribution system, plans for future improvement, vegetation management plans, and reliability performance metrics.

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