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Natural Gas Customer Choice

Michigan’s Gas Customer Choice (GCC) program permits you to shop for natural gas for your home or business from a diverse market of licensed alternative gas suppliers (AGS). If you are a natural gas residential or business customer of Consumers Energy Company, DTE Gas Company, Michigan Gas Utilities, or SEMCO Energy Gas Company, you can choose who supplies your natural gas.  You can select an AGS or do nothing and continue to get your natural gas from your local gas utility under existing regulated rates.

The rates of AGSs are not regulated. Your natural gas will continue to be delivered by your local gas utility regardless of which natural gas supplier you choose.

Compare MI Gas If you are considering joining the over 365,000 Michiganders participating in Michigan’s GCC program by switching to an AGS, do your research and shop around, just as you would for any product. Browse the MPSC's CompareMIGas website to compare the rates of suppliers serving in your utility service territory. View CompareMIGas Offer Archives.

See the MPSC’s consumer tip to learn more about Michigan’s Gas Customer Choice program.