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Customer Choice

Customers Have Choices in Telecommunications Services

Telecommunications customers have choices in both their local and long distance service providers. Since the passage of the Michigan Telecommunications Act in 1991 and the Federal Telecommunications Act in 1996 many local and long distance providers have entered the market. Competition also continues to evolve including new technologies such as voice over internet protocol (VoIP).

Consumers should educate themselves regarding the choices available in both local and long distance services, and make decisions based on the type of service that best suits their needs and calling patterns. Information on providers operating in Michigan can be found by viewing the Michigan service map or searching the Michigan provider registry

Changing telephone service (both local and long distance) from one company to another, requires action on a consumers part to assure that the services needed remain the same, and that service is terminated appropriately. Customers can also move their number between providers and between wireless, wireline, and VoIP services in a process called "porting".