Am I eligible for an adult-use marijuana establishment license?

The Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act (MRTMA) requires that for 24 months after beginning to receive applications for marijuana establishments, the MRA may only accept applications for licensure as follows:

Those who wish to apply for a class A grower, or a microbusiness license must be a resident of Michigan.

Those who wish to apply for a class B or class C grower, a processor, a retailer, or a secure transporter license must first hold a medical marijuana facility license.

Any applicant can apply for a safety compliance facility license.

Rules 2 through Rule 6 in the Marihuana Licenses Rule Set (R 420.2 through R 420.6) detail the application requirements, qualifications, and ineligibility for state licensure. Rule 12 in the Marihuana Licenses Rule Set (420.12) outlines reasons for the denial of a state license.