• prequalification information

    The first step of the adult-use marijuana establishment application process is prequalification. The main applicant and each supplemental applicant must submit prequalification applications. During prequalification, background checks are completed on the main applicant and all supplemental applicants.

    Please note, an applicant seeking to participate in the Social Equity Program as a qualified member of a disproportionately impacted community must apply with the Social Equity Program prior to submitting a step 1 application for prequalification. For more information about the Marijuana Regulatory Agency Social Equity Program, please follow this link

    Main Applicant

    • The main applicant is the entity (e.g., limited liability company, corporation, partnership) or individual (sole proprietor) seeking to hold the marijuana establishment license.
    • There is a $6,000 nonrefundable application fee for the main applicant.
    • The main applicant is required to submit a step 1 prequalification application.

    Supplemental Applicants