About the Michigan Women's Commission

A Voice for Michigan Women

Michigan Women's Commission 2019The 15-member Michigan Women's Commission was created by statute in 1968.  Commission duties include reviewing the status of women in Michigan, directing attention to critical problems confronting women, recommending ways of overcoming discrimination, enabling women to develop skills, conducting surveys and recognizing women's accomplishments and contributions to Michigan.  Commissioners are appointed by the Governor and serve three-year terms.


Pictured: Front row, left to right - Judge Krista Haroutunian, Joanne Dawley, Chair Chris Etienne, Deidre Lambert-Bounds, Mary Templeton.  Back row, left to right - Nicole DeMarco, Alisha Meneely, Meg Wheeler Derrer, Vice Chair Kathleen Vogelsang, Kelli Saunders, Catherine Hendrian, Barbara Land.  Not Pictured: Renee Haley, Jan Peabody Doty, Cathy Knauf


What does this mean for Commissioners?

As a commissioner with the Michigan Women's Commission, you agree to:

  • Attend 4 all day meetings per year
  • Perform committee work between meetings (Skype/conference calls - 2 or more)
  • At times, attend speaking engagements
  • Attend events and report back to the commission
  • Solicit input from commissioners on a variety of topics

MWC Staff

Mary Engelman, Executive Director, Michigan Women's CommissionMary Engelman of Bloomfield Township serves as the Executive Director. Appointed by Governor Snyder in November 2016, Mary most recently served as the Director of Government Affairs and Public Relations for OpTech LLC.  She was previously the Executive Director for the Greater Farmington Area Chamber of Commerce and President and CEO of the Farming/Farmington Hills Chamber of Commerce.  Mary holds a Bachelor of Science in English from Evangel University.




Jackie Debusschere, Department Specialist, Michigan Women's CommissionJackie Debusschere of Oxford is the Department Specialist for the Michigan Women's Commission.  She brings expertise in the area of social media management, marketing strategy and web design.  As an entrepreneur, she has a passion for helping women succeed.  Jackie holds a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from Oakland University.





To download a printable on the Michigan Women's Commission, click here.