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Danielle Atkinson, Royal Oak

Danielle Atkinson is the Founding Director of Mothering Justice and Mothering Justice Action Fund, two national organizations working to improve the lives of families by equipping the next generation of mother activists.

Atkinson has extensive experience as a church-based, electoral and community organizer. She has worked with such organizations as America Votes, State Voices, Population Connection, and ACORN. In 2012, Atkinson founded Mothering Justice, a leadership development and advocacy organization. To date, Mothering Justice has trained more than 300 women, reached more than 100,000 mothers in voter engagement efforts, led Mama Conversations around the country, and drafted the Mamas’ Agenda, a policy priority plan addressing financial stability issues of mothers in Michigan. Mothering Justice has been a part of winning campaigns to strengthen breastfeeding rights, licenser for Michigan Midwives, protecting federal safety net programs, and earned sick time in Michigan. Atkinson also helped lead organizing efforts to raise the minimum wage in both Florida and Michigan.

Atkinson’s work organizing mothers has earned her the 2013 Michigan Organizer of the Year Award, the 2015 Black Women's Roundtable Sistar Award in Organizing, the 2016 National Congress of Black Women-Oakland County Annual Pioneers and Leaders Award, the 2017 Michigan Women's Progressive Caucus' Progressive Outstanding Women's Empowerment Revolutionary Award, and the 2018 African American Leadership Rainwater Award.

Atkinson lives in Royal Oak with her husband and their 6 children, where she is the Founding Co-coordinator of the Royal Oak Multiracial Association.