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Educational Options

Cadets have three educational options available at MYCA when entering as a 16-, 17-, or 18-year-old. If youth is entering at 15 ½, the only educational option is credit recovery and returning to their high school to complete their diploma.


Credit Recovery: Cadets may recover lost high school credits (or maintain) and return to their home high school to complete their diploma following completion of the 5.5-month residential portion of the MYCA.


High School Diploma: Cadets may complete required credits and earn a traditional high school diploma from our educational partner, Marshall Public Schools, following the Michigan Merit Curriculum.


General Equivalency Degree: Cadets may take the GED test (even those ages 16-17), completing their high school credential while with us. 


Following the two-week acclimation phase, all youth will attend daily academic classes with instructors from Marshall Public Schools. Credit recovery classes are available through online courses with staff oversight. 


Vocational Training: Cadets are provided 84 hours of training at the Calhoun Area Career Center, where they will receive an introduction to a trade or technical career field.

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