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MI Job Challenge Program

3 MYCA with eye gear and head gear on
Michigan Youth Challenge Academy

MI Job Challenge Program

MI Job Challenge is only open to MI Youth Challenge Program Graduates

  • The Michigan Job Challenge Program (MJCP) is an extension program of the Michigan Youth Challenge Academy. The focus of the MJCP program is to teach MYCA graduates workplace essentials, provide skilled trades training (base-level instruction and in some cases, certifications) and aid in job placement. A variety of pathways are typically offered, including (but not guaranteed):

    • Certified Nurse Assistant
    • Maintenance Technician
    • Construction
    • Pipefitting
    • Drone
    • Restaurant Management
    • Electrical
    • Robotics
    • Emergency Medical Technician
    • Robotic Maintenance
    • Forklift Safety
    • Security
    • HVAC-R
    • Welding
    • Machining


    The optional five-month residential program is only available to MYCA graduates and is FREE of cost to participants and their families. Each class has 60 spots available, with 50 allocated to the most recent MYCA graduates. Current cadets and parents/guardians will be provided information and the opportunity to apply while in-cycle at MYCA. Applicants who have not yet completed their high school diploma or GED may participate in the MJCP program while they are finishing their high school credential.

    The program is funded by the U.S. Department of Defense and the Department of Labor. Additional information is available from this article in the Reserve & National Guard Magazine (February 2, 2021):


  • Young adults applying to the Michigan Job Challenge Program must meet the following general eligibility requirements:

    • Graduate of the Michigan Youth Challenge Academy.

    • Ages 17-20 as of the start of the class. Youth may turn 21 while at MYCA, as long as they are age 20 on day one.

    • U.S. citizen or legally present and a Michigan resident

  • Deputy Director

    Doreen Viney


    Post-Res Advisor/Recruiter

    Jennifer Stowell




    Larry Getman



    Placement Coordinator

    Ernest Drake

Michigan Job Challenge
2501 26th St, Building 2900
Augusta, MI 49012