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Resources for Youth Under Age 16

Directory of County Mental Health Programs (click on county)– They may have resource ideas and sometimes work on a sliding scale for income.


Michigan Residential Treatment Programs – Members of the Michigan Federation for Children and Families with residential treatment programs are linked on the Michigan Federation website.


MidCourse Correction – This organization runs weekend bootcamps for ages 6-17. MidCourse is not affiliated with the Michigan Youth Challenge Academy, and there is an associated cost, but is presented as an option for those with younger-aged youth.


Young Marines - The Young Marines is a national youth program for boys and girls, ages 8 through high school, focused on leadership, citizenship through community service, self-discipline, and living a healthy, drug-free lifestyle. There are several units located throughout the state of Michigan. There may be a cost associated with participation, inquire with the unit in your area.


The Naval Sea Cadet Corps – The United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps (USNSCC) is a youth leadership development program sponsored by the U.S. Navy, with the mission to build leaders of character. They offer young adults aged 10-17 hands-on and experiential training in partnership with the navy and its sister services, to instill the highest ideals of honor, respect, commitment and service. There is a cost associated with participation, however there may be scholarship funds available.


Michigan PMTO - Parent Management Training - Oregon model (PMTO™) is an evidence-based structured intervention to help parents and caregivers manage the behavior of their children. The PMTO method is designed to promote prosocial skills and cooperation and to prevent, reduce and reverse the development and maintenance of mild to moderate to severe conduct problems in children aged 4 - 18. PMTO empowers parents as primary treatment agents to promote and sustain positive change in families.


Empowering Parents – This is one of the closest things to a “user manual for parents” that we’ve seen. Some materials are free, some have a cost. This organization is not affiliated with the Michigan Youth Challenge Academy, but is presented as a potential option for parents with younger-aged youth. – serves as a national legal resource in support of grandfamilies within and outside the child welfare system. Their mission is to educate, assist and train individuals, caregivers and others in support of grandfamilies. The below link provides statistics with regard to the state of Michigan, as well as links to programs w/in the state that provide resources and support to grandfamilies.


Juvenile Probation & Truancy - Contact your local school district, juvenile probation department and/or local law enforcement for suggestions of resources in your area. Truancy and/or incorrigibility charges may be appropriate as well.

If your young adult is still struggling when they reach the age of approximately 15-1/2, it is likely time to start the application process. To be eligible, young adult must be reaching the age of 16 by the last day of the residential phase of the program. Cycles start mid-January and mid-July and graduate the residential phase 5-1/2 months later. Youth who are not yet 16 on the first day may only do credit recovery and must return back to high school. Young adults entering as 16, 17 or 18 year olds have the option do credit recovery or complete high school via diploma or GED