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Young adults applying to the Michigan Youth Challenge Academy must meet the following general eligibility requirements:

• Ages 15 ½ - 18 as of the start of the cycle. Youth may turn 19 while at MYCA, as long as they are 18 on day one. Age 15 ½ is defined as youth who will be turning 16 during the cycle. Please note – Youth entering program at 15 ½ have only one educational option, which is credit recovery and returning to their high school to complete their diploma.

• U.S. citizen or legally present and a Michigan resident. Not a state of Michigan resident? Visit to locate your academy or one that may accept out of state residents.

 Not currently on reporting probation. Youth on reporting probation must request and be granted non-reporting status from their probation officer for the duration of the residential portion of the program. Youth on consent calendar must complete requirements prior to application consideration. Pending charges must be resolved in some manner before application will be considered. Young adults may begin the application process; however, they will not be considered for admission until legal issues are resolved. Applicants cannot have any felonies.

• Has not yet received a high school diploma or GED.

• Willing to attend and committed to improvement. Youth must be physically and mentally capable to fully participate in the program with reasonable accommodation for physical and other disabilities. MYCA is not a psychiatric or therapeutic program and is not appropriate for applicants who have received mental illness diagnoses where they may present a danger to themselves or others; when their situation is incompatible with a high stress, high tempo schedule; or if they require ongoing treatment that would hinder full program participation.

Applicant has medical coverage.