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The Office of Global Michigan

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The Office of Global Michigan

We work to make Michigan welcoming and inclusive.

The Office of Global Michigan takes the lead in advancing equity and inclusion initiatives throughout the state, while spearheading programs for the seamless integration of newcomers. Our goal is to strengthen connections between communities by ensuring state programs and opportunities are accessible, inclusive, and positioned to have the best possible impact.

Here’s how we are making a difference:

  • LEADING THE WAY | We take the lead in driving initiatives that promote equity and inclusion statewide.
  • SEAMLESS INTEGRATION | Our programs facilitate the smooth integration of newcomers, ensuring a welcoming environment.
  • EMPOWERING COMMUNITIES | We empower immigrant, refugee, and marginalized communities to thrive with resources and support.
  • EMBRACING DIVERSITY | Our goal is to cultivate a Michigan that not only embraces diversity but actively promotes inclusivity.

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Equity & Inclusion

We take pride in spearheading initiatives that serve as the bedrock for equity and inclusion across the entire state. The Equity & Inclusion team leads language access, equitable access to services and workforce development partnerships.

Central to our efforts is the management of the State of Michigan's Language Access Planning, a pivotal framework ensuring linguistic diversity is respected and accommodated in all official capacities. We also oversee the crucial work of Equity and Inclusion Officers (EIOs), strategically positioned within every State department. These officers serve as catalysts for change, embedding principles of fairness and diversity into the very fabric of governmental operations, thereby fostering a culture of inclusivity and belonging for all Michiganders.

Refugee Services

At the heart of our mission lies an unwavering commitment to facilitating the seamless integration of newcomers into our communities, cultivating a warm and inclusive environment from day one. The Refugee Services team provides programs and services that support the effective resettlement and integration of refugees in Michigan.

We craft our programs to address every aspect of the integration journey. From navigating state refugee policy and accessing employment and educational opportunities to promoting health and well-being, our initiatives span a spectrum of essential services. We provide assistance in areas such as digital literacy and English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) sponsorship, empowering individuals to communicate effectively and engage fully in society. Our dedication extends to providing specialized assistance for youth, unaccompanied minors, and ensuring accurate data reporting to guide future interventions and policies.

Commissions Administration

We want to empower immigrant, refugee, and marginalized communities, providing them with the resources and support they need to not only survive but thrive. The Commissions’ Administrative team provides support through community events and partnerships, resources, research and informed advocacy initiatives.

Through robust partnerships with the State's ethnic and advocacy-focused commissions, we foster connections and ensure that community needs are identified and addressed—from grassroots levels all the way up to state government. These Commissions and Councils are dedicated to furthering our mission of fostering a welcoming and inclusive Michigan.

BLAC logo

Black Leadership Advisory Council (BLAC)

Empowering Black communities by addressing pertinent issues, advocating for systemic change, and amplifying Black voices across the state.

CMEAA members posing, some holding proclamations, with Governor Whitmer

Commission on Middle Eastern American Affairs of Michigan (CMEAA)

Amplifying the voices of Arab and Chaldean American communities, fostering understanding, and advocating for inclusive policies that reflect their unique needs.

HLCOM Director Felipe giving speech at commencement ceremony

Hispanic/Latino Commission of Michigan (HLCOM)

Empowering Hispanic/Latino communities, advancing equity, and celebrating cultural heritage and diversity statewide.

Seven diverse people outside smiling for a picture with their arms around each other

LGBTQ+ Commission of Michigan

Championing equality, inclusion, and safety for LGBTQ+ individuals across Michigan, while advancing policies that safeguard their rights.

Thirteen 2023 MAPAAC Commissioners posing surrounding a MAPAAC banner

Michigan Asian Pacific American Affairs Commission (MAPAAC)

Advocating for the rights and interests of Asian Pacific American communities, promoting cultural awareness, and fostering collaborative efforts.

three people sitting at a table in a language learner class working and asking questions

Michigan Immigrant and Refugee Council (MIARC)

Providing support and a warm welcome to immigrants and refugees, offering resources, and advocating for their rights and successful integration into Michigan communities.

Global Michigan’s Strategic Priorities

Strengthen connections between communities and the State of Michigan.

1.1 Identify and convene mission-aligned partners and individuals with lived experience to prioritize the needs and experiences of Michigan’s diverse communities.

1.2 Raise awareness about the work of OGM and align our partnerships for consistent and strategic messaging.

1.3 Invest in state and local partner agencies through training and technical assistance to make government more accessible. 

Ensure State of Michigan programs and opportunities are accessible and inclusive.

2.1 Formalize processes to visibly display and share progress and success to internal and external partners.

2.2 Intentionally incorporate data and feedback to address, inform, and design programming or initiatives that lead to positive outcomes.

2.3 Support LEO departments, bureaus, and agencies to achieve the FY24 operational plan.

Educate communities about the work of Global Michigan through consistent and accurate messaging.

3.1 Develop internal and external strategic communications about our work.

3.2 Impact legislative priorities.

Did you know...


Michiganders are employed by Latino & Asian-owned businesses.

$11.6 B

in sales and receipts are generated by Latino & Asian-owned businesses. 

$544 M+

in state tax revenue is generated by Arab Americans each year. 

Interested in working with us?

OGM partners with state agencies and organizations that provide services and outreach to underrepresented and marginalized communities across the state. Learn more about our partners or connect with us directly at

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