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Reportability of additional educational funding

Michigan Office of Retirement Services sent this bulletin at 04/29/2024 03:30 PM EDT

As reported in the April newsletter, the legislature has approved multiple avenues of additional funding for educational purposes. The list in the article omitted the last category. Please use the table below as a reference guide to the reportability of payments from these funding sources. As always, if you have questions about a specific payment contact

27a- MI Educator Fellowship Program
Nonreportable - Used to offset tuition costs for individuals who are working toward earning their initial teacher certification.
27b- Grow Your Own Nonreportable - Used to offset expenses related to advancing one education level. Example: aide getting a bachelor’s degree or a teacher getting a master's degree.
27c- MI Future Educator Student Teacher Stipend Program Nonreportable - Used for education preparatory institutions to pay student teachers.
27g- Talent Together Coalition
Nonreportable - Used for recruitment, retention, and teacher development.
27h- Mentoring Grants for Teachers, Counselors, and Administrators Reportable - Used to provide grants to districts for mentor stipends. Note: additional duties must be performed and fully documented.
27k- Student Loan Repayment Program Nonreportable - Used for school districts to implement a student loan repayment program.
27l- Educator Compensation Program Reportable - Designed to increase educator compensation.
27m- Awards for Teachers with National Board Certification Reportable - Provides financial awards to eligible Michigan teachers who hold National Board Certification.

Note that payments based on funding from the 27k Student Loan Repayment Program are not considered gross earnings and should not be included on DTL4 records. Payments from all other funding sources listed above are considered gross earnings and should be included on DTL4 records.

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