Bureau of State & Authority Finance Mission

  • Bureau of State and Authority Finance
    The Bureau of State and Authority Finance will achieve and maintain access to the financial market at the lowest cost to the citizens of Michigan and provide equality of access to financial resources and information on behalf of

    • Municipalities
    • Healthcare Providers
    • Public, Private, and Charter Schools
    • Higher Education
    • Students and Parents Pursuing a Post-Secondary Education
    • The State-at-large for environmental, recreational, and other specific-voter approved projects
    • The State for cash flow financing for operating purposes

Authority Finance Division

  • The Authority Finance Division, as part of the Bureau of State and Authority Finance, provides financial and administrative support services for the Michigan Finance Authority (MFA), which includes:

    • Providing front-end analysis and advice when borrowers are deciding among financing alternatives and credit enhancements.
    • Confirming bond-pricing levels are appropriate.
    • Expediting the financing process.
    • Verifying that costs of issuance are appropriate.
    • The ability to issue one series of bonds for multiple locations throughout the state of Michigan.
    • Offering assistance in the determination of eligibility of borrower and the project.
    • Working with underwriter, financial advisor, and bond counsel to complete bond transactions in a cost effective manner.

State Finance Division

Bureau of State & Authority Finance