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Can you change the license type, or number of license(s) you are prequalified for without submitting a new application?

Yes. The prequalification process will not need to be repeated but the following documentation must be submitted:

  • A new demographic page showing the change in license type or number of license(s).
  • If the change in license type changes the capitalization requirement
  • Updated CPA Attestation in compliance with Rule 11in the Marihuana Licenses Rule Set (R 420.11)
  • Updated Statement of Money Lender
  • Updated Promissory Note
  • Updated statements showing assets available (bank, property, etc.)

A facility license application (Step 2) and required supporting documentation must be submitted for the new license.  It is recommended that the applicant not submit their Step 2 application more than 60 days prior to the facility being ready for inspection. This helps to assure that the information provided regarding the facility is in final form and accurate.  When submitting the Step 2 application, be sure to use the checklist on the first page and submit all required documentation.