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Playground Inspections

Licensing rule 400.8170(11) requires that playground equipment, use zones and surfacing in the outdoor play area comply with the 2010 Edition of the Consumer Product Safety Commissions Handbook on Public Playground Safety. One way to document compliance with this rule is have a playground inspection. (See the technical assistance for this rule for other ways to document compliance.)

If a playground inspection is done, it must be completed by a Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI) approved by the Bureau of Community and Health Systems, Child Care Licensing Division. View the list of approved CPSIs. The CPSI Service Area Map outlines the different areas in Michigan the inspectors cover.

When a playground inspection is completed, the CPSI will provide the center a report of the inspection. The CPSI must also complete the Playground Inspection Certification Summary (BCAL-5047) and provide it to the center. The center must maintain a copy of this form on file at the center as documentation of compliance with this rule.

Information on the List of CPSIs Approved by Child Care Licensing

For an inspector to be the list of CPSIs approved by the Child Care Licensing Division, the inspector must:

  • Attend a mandatory meeting held by the Child Care Licensing Division.

The mandatory meeting covers the requirements for the outdoor play area in the Licensing Rules for Child Care Centers. This list does not serve as an endorsement of any particular CPSI.

Choosing a CPSI from the List

When selecting a CPSI, centers may want to consider the following:

  • Experience of the CPSI.
  • Fees (initial and re-inspection).
  • If the CPSI insured.
  • Recommendation from other centers.
  • If the CPSI works for a playground equipment manufacturer.


Complaints should be directed to the organization that certified the inspector. 

Contact the National Recreation and Park Association

Contact the the National Program for Playground Safety (NPPS) or call 800-534-PLAY.