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FAQs - Child Care Homes

My adult ___ (son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, etc.) moved in; what do I need to do?

You must have the new adult household member complete and submit a Licensing Record Clearance Request (BCAL-1326-CC) and obtain a tuberculosis TB test and submit it to the department.

My child goes to college and is only home on holidays and during the summer; does my child have to complete a Licensing Record Clearance Request (BCAL-1326-CC)?

If the child is a legal resident of the home, he/she must complete and submit a Licensing Record Clearance to the department.

Are backyard fences required in homes?

In some instances, a fence may be required. Some examples of when a fence may be required are when your outdoor play area is close to a busy street or a pond or body of water or your home abuts to a busy parking lot.

When referring to exits, what does remote mean?

Remote means located far away or relatively distant in space. When considering two remote exits on each floor level, the exits must be located as far apart as possible. Designated exits that are too close together, as determined by the licensing consultant, will need to be changed or that floor level/area will not be approved as child use space.

What is the difference between an assistant caregiver and an emergency person and what paperwork do they require?

An assistant caregiver is any person that assists in the care of children on a regular basis or on an intermittent basis, such as when the caregiver has a doctor's appointment, needs to run an errand, etc. The assistant caregiver needs a physical, a tuberculosis test, DHHS clearance, self-certification statements, CPR/first aid certification, blood-borne pathogen training within 90 days of hire, and safe sleep and shaken baby syndrome training prior to caring for children.

An emergency person is any person that assists in the care of children in an emergency situation such as when the caregiver has to take an injured child or ill child to the emergency room. The emergency person needs a signed statement agreeing to be the emergency person.