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Required Camp Policies and Documents Guidance


This document is a help guide for camp operators to write and develop policies that meet minimum standards required by the Licensing Rules of Children's camps and Adult Foster Care Camps and statutes. It is required that the written materials (policies, documents, and forms) be reviewed prior to issuance of your license.  The chart below lists the written policies required by administrative rule and statute.




Camper Behavior Management Policy

R 400.11113

Child and Adult Protection Policy

R 400.11115

Camper Release Authorization Plan

R 400.11117(3)

Health Service Policy

R 400.11119

Nutrition and Food Service Program Policy

R 400.11131

Program and emergency Transportation Policy

R 400.11143

Procedures for Emergency/Disaster Response

R 400.11149,

R 400.11223

Aquatic Emergency Plan

R 400.11411(4)

Supervision of Volunteers policy

MCL 722.119(4)


In addition to the required written policies, camp operators are required to develop, maintain, and secure completed forms and documents.  A list of the forms and documents that are required by administrative rule and statute are as follows:




Roster of Current Staff members

R 400.11109(5)

Staff Files including for each staff member (prior to initial assignment)

  1. Name,
  2. Documentation of compliance where the position occupied has the experience/education required.
  3. Prior work history, including camp experience.
  4. Three statements of positive reference
  5. A record of criminal conviction and for those 21 and older a clear Central Registry check.

R 400.11109(7)

Job Descriptions for each classification

R 400.11109(8)

Pre-camp Training Outline

R 400.11109(10)

In-service Training Outline

R 400.11109(11)

Roster of Campers

R 400.11117(1)

Written Staffing Ratio Plan

R 400.11117(3)

Camper Registration Form

R 400.11117(2)

Camper Health Form

R 400.11127

Staff Health Statement Form

R 400.11125

Emergency Services Agreement or Health Officer Certifications.

R 400.11121, R 400.11122

Permanent Medical Record

R 400.11127(8)

Physician Review of Health Services Policy Attestation

R 400.11119(2)

Weekly Menu

R 400.11131(5)

Travel Plans- If applicable

R 400.11145(2), R 400.11146

High Adventure Program Statements for each high adventure activity

R 400.11133, R 400.11401, R 400.11411


There are several circumstances when camp operators are required to provide a written report of specific information to the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Bureau of Community and Health Systems, Camp Licensing Division. These required reportable circumstances are outlined below:

Reportable Circumstances

Rule Reference


New Camp Director

R 400.11109(3)

Accident, Illness, Incident or Fire Report

R 400.11127(9), R 400.111227

Camp Changes: Ownership, location, dates of operation, time of operation, or cancellation of a camping season.

R 400.11147


It is the responsibility of each camp organization to have their policies, procedures, and program statements in an organized, clear, and accessible manner. The administrative rules require the policies, procedures, program statements, and plans are available for review by the public.  The documents and forms developed, maintained, and secured need to be easily available for review by your licensing consultant.