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Training Programs

  • The list will be developed once a year once the Michigan Training Connect (MiTC) completes its annual update. Training programs on MiTC expire each June 30.

      • To remain active on the website, programs need to be updated and submitted between July 1 – 31 each year.
      • Programs that are not submitted within that window will be removed from the MiTC public website on August 1 but can be resubmitted at any time (but may not make the official Skills Scholarship Career Training List)
      • Providers that submit updated program information by July 31 will remain on the website until August 31 this year to allow MiTC and the approving Michigan Works! agencies time to review and process the programs.
      • Contact with any questions.

    Once the ETPL is updated, the criteria in the Michigan Achievement Skills Scholarship legislation is applied to the list to ensure each program meets the required legislative criteria as determined in the legislation.

  • The list will be updated once a year, following the annual update process followed by the Michigan Training Connect. For more information about the Michigan Training Connect, contact
  • Each program must meet each of the ten required criteria and meet Michigan Training Connect (MiTC) updating deadlines. To review the legislative criteria, visit:


    If you believe your program should qualify, contact

    • For the eligible career training programs who opt in to participate in the Michigan Achievement Skills Scholarship and the upcoming Michigan Reconnect Short-Term Training program, those providers must complete a MiSSG Aid Administrator Security Access Form to gain access to the MI Student Aid Student Scholarships & Grants student portal (MiSSG). This allows providers to access student level data and request reimbursement payments for students. 
      • Note: The Form requires a “Financial Aid Director“ to authorize access to MiSSG. If your institution does not have a Financial Aid Director, please include the person representative responsible for administering student scholarship and/or student financial information.  
    • Upon completion of the Security Access form, providers must submit the form to Once approved, training providers will receive next steps to finish up their registration in accessing and logging into MiSSG.   
    • Questions about the MiSSG Aid Administrator Security Access Form College Security Access form can be directed to MI Student Aid at  
    • Career training program providers must also register within SIGMA Vendor Self-Service (VSS) to receive payments for students.  If your organization does not already have an account, follow these instructions to register. Questions about registering for SIGMA can be directed to their Vendor Support Call Center by calling 517-284-0550 or toll free at 888-734-9749 or emailing
  • Programs listed on the Michigan Training Connect website were reviewed for eligibility. Eligible training programs whose programs met the legislative requirements will receive notification of eligibility and must complete the program opt in form to participate.
  • Reach out to the Office of Sixty by 30 by emailing