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Payment of Stipend

  • No. This is not the same as proposed HB 6013
  • Up to $9,600 per semester is available to eligible student teachers.
  • Student teachers who are employed by the district as a teacher of record are not eligible for the MI Future Educator Stipend.

    “Teacher of Record” is defined in the 2023-24 MDE Pupil Accounting Manual as “the certificated teacher who provides instruction, gives tests and quizzes, evaluates the pupil’s performance and gives the pupil a grade.” Michigan Department of Education considers a ‘certificated teacher’ to be a person who has a valid certificate or permit. If the student teacher is working under a substitute teacher permit AND is providing instruction, giving tests and quizzes, evaluating the pupils’ performance and issuing grades, the student teacher would not qualify for a MI Future Educator Stipend.

  • Approved funds will be sent to your institution’s financial aid office.

    For students attending private institutions, funds will be sent to the school district where you are completing your student teaching.

    The school district will then send the funds to the institution’s financial aid office.

  • You will need to discuss any income tax related questions with a tax professional.

    Your institution will be required to issue a IRS Form 1099 to you, which you may use to report the MI Future Educator Stipend on your Federal Tax Return.

  • No. The stipend is paid directly to students and does not affect your financial aid package.