Certificate of Necessity Filing Requirements

PA 341 of 2016, section 6s updates the requirements for utilities seeking to file an application requesting a Certificate of Necessity (CON). Additionally, section 6s includes changes to the Commission’s evaluation of reasonableness and prudence of the construction, investment, or purchase for which a CON may be requested. Please reference the link below in “Related Documents” to view the previous CON filing requirements issued by the Commission on December 23, 2008 in Case No. U-15896. This team is focused on the CON filing requirements contained in Attachment A only.


  • Two orders issued
  • One round of comments and reply comments
  • Staff updated the CON filing requirements to reflect the changes to the CON in PA 341

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Task - Related Documents

U-15896 May 11 Commission Order

U-15896 March 28 Commission Order- Draft CON Filing Requirements

U-15896 December 23, 2008 Commission Order

MCL 460.6s .amended