Energy Waste Reduction

The cheapest energy is the energy you don’t use.  For every dollar spent on energy efficiency programs, customers will save around $4 in avoided energy costs.  Since 2009, Michigan’s utility providers have helped customers save almost $6 billion in electric costs and close to $2 billion in natural gas costs.

The Clean and Renewable Energy and Energy Waste Reduction Act maintains the energy efficiency goals established with the energy optimization standards developed in 2008 under Act 295.

Electric and gas savings targets are based on prior years sales, set at 1% per year for electric and 0.75% per year for gas, for all energy providers including investor-owned, cooperatives, and municipals.

Below are links to great resources to help you understand what you can do to be more energy efficient and start saving money!


  • Energy Affordability and Accessibility Collaborative

    The Energy Affordability and Accessibility Collaborative is an open, working group committed to facilitating discussion and obtaining input from a broad range of stakeholders on existing and emerging policy issues related to energy assistance, customer protections and low-income energy waste reduction services. The group's goal is to connect the expertise, experience, and perspectives of participants and provide recommendations to the Commission to better serve low-income and vulnerable households with their energy needs.

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  • Low Income Workgroup

    The Low Income Workgroup is collaboratively working to identify and address low income specific energy issues, energy waste reduction measures, and create new initiatives that can reduce the cost of the energy burden on Michigan's low income energy consumers and communities.  With the goal of connecting and combining the expertise, experience, and perspectives of the participating groups, the workgroup is attempting to bridge gaps between program offerings, facilitate more complete delivery of energy efficiency programs, and seek opportunities to better serve low income single family residences and multifamily buildings.

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  • Energy Waste Reduction Collaborative

    The goal of the Energy Waste Reduction collaborative is to make recommendations for improving energy waste reduction plans for energy providers, provide program evaluation and support, and promote economic development and job creation in Michigan by connecting Michigan manufacturers, suppliers and vendors with energy waste reduction programs.

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