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MPSC Divisions

The Michigan Public Service Commission is organized into nine divisions:

Administrative Services Division

The Administrative Services Division (Admin) is responsible for providing internal organizational support for the MPSC. Support includes human resources, information technology, website administration, and facilities planning and maintenance.

Customer Assistance Division

The Customer Assistance Division (CAD) is responsible for assisting Michigan residents and businesses with questions regarding their energy utility service and billing questions, navigating service options or to learn more about energy and utility issues, and oversees the delivery of energy assistance grants to low-income residents made through partner organizations.

Energy Operations Division

The Energy Operations Division (EOD) is responsible for ensuring safe, reliable, and accessible energy supplies. This includes overseeing compliance with and managing issues related to the electric technical and service quality standards, reviewing electric distribution system plans and investments, emergency management, and reconciliation of GCR and PSCR costs and revenues. The Energy Security section also monitors other energy sectors and includes the Propane Monitoring and Assurance Program.

Energy Resources Division

The Energy Resources Division (ERD) is responsible for implementation of the state’s Clean & Renewable Energy and Energy Waste Reduction Act, evaluating certificate of necessity and integrated resource plan filings, reviewing Smart Grid utility investments, administration of Michigan’s gas and electric customer choice programs, and electric resource adequacy and modeling.

Gas Safety and Operations Division

The Gas Safety & Operations (GSOD) is responsible for administration of the gas pipeline and underground natural gas storage safety programs, manage issues related to the Gas Technical Standards, evaluation of pipeline siting applications, Michigan’s natural gas well production reporting, review of gas utility maintenance plans and investments, and enforcement related to underground damage prevention.

Regulated Energy Division

The Regulated Energy Division (RED) is responsible for accounting and audit issues, financial statistics, annual reports, annual public utility assessments, rate case participation, Code of Conduct, rate design, energy tariff administration, and cost of service.

Regulatory Affairs Division

The Regulatory Affairs Division (RAD) is responsible for drafting of the Commission orders and administrative rules, maintaining the Commission’s files and official dockets, and providing ethical and legal guidance to Commission operations and employee relationships.

Strategic Operations Division

The Strategic Operations Division (Strat Ops) is responsible for supporting the Commission decision making process, communications (including interaction with external stakeholders), case management and strategy, implementation of new energy legislation, and federal issues related to wholesale energy markets and transmission.

Telecommunications Division

The Telecommunications Division (Telecom) is responsible for all aspects of the MPSC’s authority related to telecommunications and video services.