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Natural Gas Curtailment Procedures Workgroup

Notice: MI Power Grid meetings and all other MPSC workgroup meetings will be conducted via teleconference only until further notice. Please find remote access information for upcoming meetings on our calendar of events. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

In an order dated September 11, 2019, the Michigan Public Service Commission opened docket U-20632 and directed the Staff to establish a collaborative group consisting of Staff experts, representatives from Consumers Energy Company, DTE Energy Company, Michigan Electric and Gas Association member utilities, and other interested stakeholders.  The Natural Gas Utility Curtailment Procedures Workgroup is collaboratively working to review and discuss whether natural gas curtailment procedures should be updated to prioritize natural gas use for residential heating over natural gas use for electric generation when appropriate during energy emergencies.  A report to the docket with the workgroup findings is due by June 30, 2020.


During an emergency event, natural gas supply is prioritized to ensure safe and warm homes.


To coordinate and optimize the review of current curtailment procedures and tariffs, discuss the development of updated natural gas supply prioritizations, and how best to prioritize natural gas use for residential heating over electric generation, when appropriate, during energy emergencies.

The focus of this collaborative group shall be to:

  • Review and study the existing curtailment tariffs;
  • Determine if the current prioritization framework remains adequate; and
  • Develop recommendations for the Commission regarding possible updates to the tariffs.

MPSC Staff Contacts

Kevin Spence, MPSC
David Isakson, MPSC

Meeting Agendas and Presentations


JUNE 3, 2020

Meeting Recording


This meeting has been postponed

January 10, 2020

Agenda | Attendees

December 6, 2019


Workgroup Documents

U-20632 Order initiating collaborative

Rate Book Review - Emergency 

Rate Book Review - Deficiency

Invitation to Natural Gas Operators and Stakeholders

June 30, 2020 Natural Gas Curtailment Procedures Workgroup Report



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