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Nuclear Feasibility Study

Public Act 166 of 2022 directed the Michigan Public Service Commission to engage an outside consulting firm to examine the feasibility of nuclear power generation in Michigan. Public Act 218 of 2022 provides for the parameters of the nuclear feasibility study. In response, on March 24, 2023, the Commission issued an order in Case No. U-21358 establishing the Nuclear Feasibility Study workgroup.

The Nuclear Feasibility Study will consider the following:

  • The advantages and disadvantages of nuclear energy generation in Michigan, including, but not limited to, the economic and environmental impact.
  • Ways to maximize the use of workers who reside in Michigan and products made in Michigan in the construction of nuclear energy generation facilities.
  • Evaluations, conclusions, and recommendations on all of the following:
    • Design characteristics.
    • Environmental and ecological impacts.
    • Land and siting criteria.
    • Safety criteria.
    • Engineering and cost-related criteria.
    • Small cell nuclear reactor capability.
  • Socioeconomic assessment and impact analysis, including, but not limited to, the following:
    • Workforce education, training, and development.
    • Local and state tax base.
    • Supply chains.
    • Permanent and temporary job creation.
  • The timeline for development, including areas of potential acceleration or efficiencies and leveraging existing nuclear energy generation facilities in Michigan.
  • Additional efficiencies and other benefits that may be gained by coordinating with other advanced, clean energy technologies, including, but not limited to, hydrogen, direct air capture of carbon dioxide, and energy storage.
  • Literature review of studies that have assessed the potential impact of nuclear energy generation in supporting an energy transition.
  • Analysis of national and international studies of cases where development of nuclear energy is supported and adopted.
  • Assessment and recommendation of current and future policies that may be needed to support or accelerate the adoption of nuclear energy generation or may improve its cost-effectiveness.

Public Act 218 also directed the Commission to issue a report to the legislature by April 15, 2024. The Commission enlisted the help of Enercon Services East, PC to facilitate the exploration of nuclear feasibility in Michigan, with opportunities for feedback from stakeholders, and to assist in delivery of the study requested in Public Act 166.

Staff Lead 

Julie Ginevan

Questions or communications regarding the study can be sent to

Documents and Resources

Public Act 166 of 2022

Public Act 218 of 2022

Commission order U-21358

Nuclear Feasibility Study Final Outline


  • The Nuclear Feasibility Study draft outline was posted and distributed to stakeholders in late April 2023.
  • The first stakeholder meeting was held on May 3, 2023. ENERCON reviewed the scope and timeline of the study, and addressed questions and comments from stakeholders. Comments from stakeholders made during the stakeholder meeting can be found here.
  • ENERCON will work in the next several months to develop the draft study. We anticipate a stakeholder meeting to be held in August 2023, with an opportunity for stakeholder feedback on the developing study. ENERCON will have a draft report ready in the December timeframe with another opportunity for stakeholder feedback on the draft report. The final report is due to the MPSC in February 2024.

Meeting Agendas and Presentations

May 3, 2023

Meeting Event | Meeting Agenda | Draft Report Outline | Recording


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