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Renewable Natural Gas Study Workgroup

Public Act 87 of 2021 directed the Michigan Public Service Commission to conduct a study into the potential for renewable natural gas development in the state.  In part, PA 87 directs the Commission to identify and engage interested stakeholders in the development of the study.  In response, on December 9, 2021, the Commission issued an order in Case No. U-21170 establishing the Renewable Natural Gas Study workgroup.

The Renewable Natural Gas Study will:

  • Identify existing and potential sources of renewable natural gas (RNG) in Michigan and estimate the energy content and greenhouse gas abatement potential of these sources.
  • Estimate the cost per unit of heat and the potential greenhouse gas emission reduction per unit of heat should potential RNG sources be used to the greatest practical extent.
  • Compare the estimated per-unit cost savings of greenhouse gas emission reductions estimated for RNG sources to the estimated likely per-unit cost savings from the use of other carbon abatement technologies, including hydrogen blending, building electrification, and similar technologies.
  • Estimate the RNG production potential by applicable feedstock sources in Michigan.
  • Identify barriers to developing and utilizing RNG in Michigan.


In accordance with PA 87, the Commission will issue a report to the legislature by September 30, 2022. The Commission has enlisted the help of ICF to facilitate the exploration of RNG sources, costs, and estimated greenhouse gas emission reductions, with opportunities for feedback from stakeholders, and to assist in delivery of the study requested in PA 87.

Staff Lead 

Virginia Halloran

Documents and Resources

Public Act 87 of 2021

Commission order in U-21170

RNG Study Final Annotated Outline



  • Stakeholder feedback on the draft study outline and other topics have been considered and ICF will continue to draft the RNG Study report in the upcoming months.
  • A complete draft report will be posted for review in advance of a third stakeholder meeting anticipated this summer. Details will be announced closer to that time. 

Meeting Agendas and Presentations

January 10, 2022

Agenda | Meeting Presentation | Recording

April 20, 2022

Event Page | Agenda | Meeting Presentation from ICF | Stakeholder Presentations | Recording


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