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Be Informed

Be Informed

The MPSC strives to inform and educate consumers about important utility subjects and issues. Here you can access tip sheets and issue briefs that may answer your questions and help you better understand specific utility topics. 

Electric Tips

Information on electric issues including: the selection of alternative electric suppliers, surviving electrical power outages, outage credits, reducing energy usage, appliance service plans, bill payment assistance programs and more.

Electric Tips

Natural Gas Tips

Information on natural gas issues including: the selection of alternative gas suppliers, estimated bills, reducing energy use, customer shutoff protections, bill payment assistance programs and more.

Natural Gas Tips

Telecommunications and Video Tips

Information on telephone and video/cable television issues including:  slamming, cramming, telemarketing sales calls, telephone calling cards, 900 numbers, tips for selecting a long distance telephone company, the informal and formal dispute resolution process for filing complaints and more.

Telecommunications Tips

Business Customer Tips

Information on issues small business customers encounter including: the selection of an alternative supplier, energy efficiency, energy utility security deposits, customer contracts, meter accessibility, slamming, cramming of telecommunications services and more.

Business Consumer Tips

Energy Assistance Toolkit

The MPSC has created an outreach toolkit to help organizations share information about energy assistance programs with their local communities. The toolkit includes information on available assistance programs and shut off protections as well as outreach materials.


Issue Briefs

The MSPC issue briefs help to break down complex topics for ease of understanding.