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Fuel Mix Disclosure Data

Michigan Public Service Commission Regional Electric Power Fuel Sources, Emissions, and Nuclear Waste for Electric Supplier Cost Disclosures for the Year 2023

Issued: October 10, 2023

The following is the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) Staff's calculation for regional average fuel mix, emissions, and high-level nuclear waste. This data has been prepared as directed by the Commission in Order Case No. U-12487, dated June 5, 2001 and December 20, 2001, concerning supplier disclosure standards as required under 2000 PA 141. Suppliers may rely upon this information to meet their disclosure requirements for the year 2022.

Fuel Source
For the 12-month Period
August 2022- July 2023

Regional Average Fuel Mix
Used to Generate Electricity in
Michigan, Illinois, Indiana,
Ohio, and Wisconsin

Coal 26.446%
Nuclear 26.167%
Natural Gas 35.916%
Oil 0.428%
Hydroelectric 0.724%
Renewable Fuels Total* 10.318%
Biofuel 0.760%
Biomass 0.364%
Solid Waste Incineration 0.006%
Solar 1.170%
Wind 7.616%
Wood 0.403%
*Includes Landfill Gas


For the 12-month Period
January - December 2021
(Based on the most recent available data at the time of this publication.)

Regional Average for
Fossil/Nuclear Generation for
Michigan, Illinois, Indiana,
Ohio, and Wisconsin

Sulfur Dioxide 0.95
Carbon Dioxide 1092.16
Nitrogen Oxides 0.78
High-Level Nuclear Waste** 0.006
**High-level nuclear waste is based on discharged fuel for a time span of approximately 3 years in length ending in 2013.

Prepared by: Staff of the Michigan Public Service Commission, October, 2023

For questions concerning this please contact: Marcy Champion