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Propane Service via Pipeline


Map of areas where utilities distribute propane via pipeline
Map prepared by Michigan Public Service Commission
May, 2002 - Revised May, 2004
Source: Commission orders, Utility Rate Books  
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Shell Gas
(formerly Cherryland Propane) serves in:
Solon Township, Leelanau County (see MPSC order in U-12458 (PDF format) dated December 4, 2000).

Shell Gas
(formerly Great Lakes Energy) serves in:

Township MPSC Order
Casco, Allegan County U-13524 (PDF format) 12/6/2002
Pleasanton, Manistee County U-13422 (PDF format) 12/6/2002
Dalton, Muskegon County U-13421 (PDF format) 12/6/2002
Cedar Creek, Muskegon County U-13420 (PDF format) 12/6/2002
Hamlin, Mason County U-13419 (PDF format) 12/6/2002
Hebron, Cheboygan County U-13418 (PDF format) 12/6/2002
Thornapple, Barry County U-12792 (PDF format) 11/20/2001
Corwith, Otsego County U-12791 (PDF format) 11/20/2001
Hayes, Charlevoix County U-12495 (PDF format) 12/4/2000
Hayes, Otsego County U-12428 (PDF format) 12/4/2000
Shelby, Oceana County U-12427 (PDF format) 12/4/2000
Littlefield, Emmet County U-12362 (PDF format) 8/4/2000
Wayland, Allegan County U-12333 (PDF format) 6/19/2000
Solin, Kent County U-11813 (PDF format) 7/16/1999
Big Rapids, Mecosta County U-11812 (PDF format) 7/16/1999

Orangeville, Irving, Barry County U-11814 (PDF format) 6/10/1999