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Natural Gas Rate Books

Michigan Public Service Commission approved rate schedules, special contracts, rules, regulations, and standard forms governing the distribution, sale, and/or storage of natural gas (or propane) in Michigan.

Natural Gas Utility Rate Books and Special Contracts

Natural Gas Storage Rate Books

Utilities with Rates Set By Local Government (Rate Books are not approved by the MPSC)

Utilities Distributing Propane via Pipeline Systems (Rate Books are not approved by the MPSC)


For FERC-approved books, see Gas Tariff Books page.

For current rates, see also Rates & Pricing Information.

Rate Books may not yet reflect GCR Factors that are pending MPSC approval. See Rates - GCR Factors

Rate Books are provided by company. Refer questions to the company per contacts listed on company web page, MPSC Addresses and Contacts page for utilities, or MPSC Storage page for storage companies.

Looking for specific Rate Book sections?

Rate Books may not yet reflect changes approved by recent MPSC orders. See MPSC Gas Orders page for orders (on tariff revisions) issued in past few months. To search for proposed Rate Book changes that are not yet approved, search MPSC Case Index under utility name (in quotes) using keywords such as rate, gas, tariff, and rule.

Rate Books include requirements based on MPSC administrative rules. See also Administrative Rules and Guidelines.