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Interconnection Agreements

Interconnection Agreements

An interconnection agreement (ICA) is a negotiated contract between companies which sets rates and service conditions. The Michigan Telecommunications Act provides for interconnection agreements between the switched networks of two telecommunications providers. Such agreements allow a service originating on one provider's network to terminate on another provider's network. (Further requirements and guidelines may be found in the Federal Telecommunications Act of 1996, 47 USC, Sections 251 and 252.)

Interconnection Agreement Index

The MPSC maintains an index of current interconnection agreements for each incumbent local exchange carrier (ILEC).

Interconnection Index

Summary Tables

The following tables summarize currently approved ICAs and expired ICAs.

Current Commission Approved ICAs

Expired ICAs

Infrastructure Sharing Agreements

Pursuant to 47 USC 259(b)(7), the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) prescribed regulations that require all incumbent local exchange carriers (ILEC) to make public switched network infrastructure, technology, information, and telecommunications facilities and functions available to qualifying carriers, which enables a qualifying carrier to provide telecommunications services, or access to information services, in the service area where the qualifying carrier has obtained designation as an eligible telecommunications carrier (ETC) under 47 USC 214(e). A qualifying carrier is defined as a telecommunications carrier that lacks certain economies of scale or scope and that offers telephone exchange service, exchange access, and any other service that is included in universal service, to all consumers without preference throughout its designated ETC service area.

According to 47 CFR 59.2(f), an ILEC shall file with the state, or, if the state has made no provision to accept such filings, with the FCC, for public inspection, any tariffs, contracts, or other arrangements showing the rates, terms, and conditions under which such carrier is making available public switched network infrastructure, technology, information and telecommunications facilities and functions pursuant to this part.

  • Commission's Own Motion to Implement Provisions of 47 CFR 59.2(f)
  • U-15771 Infrastructure Sharing Agreement between Chatham Telephone Company and the Hiawatha Companies (Chippewa County Telephone Company, Hiawatha Telephone Company, Midway Telephone Company, and Ontonagon Telephone Company)