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Filing a Formal Complaint

PLEASE NOTE: Pursuant to PA 480 of 2006, the Michigan Public Service Commission (Commission) does not regulate video/cable television providers as public utilities. In addition, the Commission does not regulate satellite television providers or internet service providers. Some of the issues may be regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

An informal video/cable television complaint can be sent to the Commission by completing the form on the Commission's website, calling the Commission's Video Franchise toll-free number (1-800-292-9555), faxing the complaint to 517-284-8200 or mailing a letter to the Commission.

If you are not satisfied with the results of an informal complaint investigation by Commission staff, you may pursue a formal complaint with the Commission. Because the Commission's authority is limited to that provided by statute, a formal complaint can only involve issues that the Commission regulates. The formal complaint involves a formal, trial-like proceeding before an administrative law judge. As a contested case before the Commission, a formal complaint hearing is conducted under administrative hearing rules. You may represent yourself (except in the case of an incorporated business), hire a lawyer, or bring anyone you would like to assist you. A lawyer or lawyers will always represent the company. As the complaining party, you must present information to prove or justify your case at a formal hearing.

Pursuant to PA 480 of 2006, customers will need to first proceed with filing an informal complaint with the Commission Staff before a formal complaint can be filed.