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Michigan Office of Retirement Services



Retirement system members who become physically or mentally totally and permanently disabled while serving in judicial office, or as a State official, are entitled to a disability benefit. Members with eight or more years of service but who have not satisfied the minimum age requirement of 60 years for regular retirement may apply for disability retirement. The member's physician and the retirement system physician must certify that the member is totally and permanently disabled for the duties of the position, and the Judges Retirement Board must approve the disability pension. Retirement system members are not eligible for disability or sick leave. Accrual of service and judicial compensation continues until separation and/or retirement.

What are the requirements for disability retirement?

If you become totally and permanently disabled while a Judges Retirement System  member, you may qualify for a disability pension. Your disability pension is calculated exactly like a regular retirement pension.

You are eligible to receive a disability pension if for any reason:

  • you become totally and permanently unable to perform your duties as a judge (elected State official),
  • you have eight or more years of service credit
  • you must submit a completed Application for Disability Retirement (on a form provided by the Retirement Office)
  • for a disability pension, and your physician and an independent physician (medical adviser to the retirement board) certify you are totally and permanently disabled to perform your judicial duties (duties as a State elected official).