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PA 512 FAQs

How will ORS identify people who were part-time students at a community college before July 1, 2014?

ORS will reach out using a variety of marketing strategies. Those who see or hear our outreach message will be directed to a website ( where they can find more information.

People who review the website information and believe they are eligible will download an employment verification form and submit it to ORS, along with documentation supporting their claim, such as student transcripts and W-2 forms. ORS will review forms for completeness and minimum qualifications, then contact the community college shown on the form for further verification.

Will ORS require the college to verify a past employee’s eligibility under PA 512?

Yes. As needed until February 2020, ORS will email you data files with information to be verified, pulled from the forms submitted by former student employees. You will return the data file with verification data for each employee. For eligible employees you will provide reportable wages and service by pay period. If you determine a person is not eligible to be reported, you will note that fact (with an explanation) in the data file you send back to ORS. Further instructions will be provided with the first file via email.

What information will be included on the 512 file?

The 512 file will show each person’s name, former name (if applicable), the last four digits of the SSN, as well as the span of dates the person reports that he or she was a part-time student employee. Further detail and instructions will be provided with the first file via email.

How often will we receive 512 files?

We don’t know how frequently we’ll receive forms from people or how many we’ll receive. When ORS receives these forms, we will return any incomplete forms (including those without documentation) or otherwise unacceptable forms (for example if the college listed is not a MPSERS community college). For people with acceptable forms, ORS will send you an email whenever we have one or more requests for your college. The deadline for submitting a request form is January 31, 2020, so the last 512 file could be sent as late as February 2020.

How do we provide our verification findings to ORS?

The 512 files ORS sends you will have instructions for how to report your findings.

What if we can confirm general dates of employment but have no details regarding hours worked during specific pay periods?

The 512 file we send you will have instructions for how to report your findings. In some cases, ORS may make a determination regarding people in this category.

What if our records show the person worked here but our dates do not match what you provided?

You should provide the data you have, including dates. The employment verification request we send you will have instructions for how to report your findings.

How do we verify whether they were part-time students?

The 512 file will include begin dates and end dates provided by the former employee. Work with your registrar and the person’s transcript to confirm the pay periods when the student was enrolled part-time.  

What is the definition of part-time student we should use to determine eligibility?

Consistent with the prevailing definition across community colleges, ORS defines part-time students as those enrolled with 11 or fewer credit hours (5 or fewer credit hours for a summer semester or term). A student who is enrolled part-time in the terms on either side of a summer term is considered to still be a part-time student during the summer months.

After we verify the 512 data you send us, what more are we required to do regarding this group of former employees?

ORS will send you a list of former employees that were granted service along with the retirement plan they were placed in. We will invoice your reporting unit for the employer contributions on the service claimed by these former employees. Since the final deadline for the member contribution payment is June 30, 2020, your college could be invoiced as late as July 2020. As more information becomes available, we will update this answer here and in an email.