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Notes to Financial Statements FAQs


What are the Notes to Financial Statements?


Financial statements typically include a section titled “Notes to the Financial Statement.” GASB 68 requires employers to include more information in the notes to the financial statements than in the past.

The Notes to Financial Statements section of this website includes sample language to be used in your financial statements. The arrangement and division presented here is a suggestion only. GASB 68 only requires that you include the information contained in these sample notes. 


How do I use the material in this section of the website?


You may copy and paste this language from this website, adding information from the tables for your reporting unit where indicated by brackets. ORS provides this suggested language as a courtesy; however, each reporting unit is responsible for its own note disclosures and should review the language in these notes with its auditor.

When adapting the sample language provided here, you may replace the phrase “the employer” with the name of your reporting unit.